Another fantastic day of Commedia dell’Arte!

Thanks to a wonderful group of performers for a brilliant, high energy day of Commedia dell’Arte last Saturday. I always love to work with new people as I find I learn so much from you. The day brought together academics, actors, teachers and others seeking a new experience in a fantastic mix that resulted in funny, engaging scenes, hilarious characterisation and fervent discussion. The true art of comedy can be discovered when we play the stock characters in performance and explore the relationship with the audience. As was observed by several performers on Saturday, it is difficult to predict how donning the mask and stepping out from behind the backdrop will transform you; you become someone else in a way that can take both you and the audience by surprise. A pleasure to observe.

There is never enough time in a day though! There is much more to explore and so many more characters to learn about … so watch this space for the follow workshop!