Endorsements of Our Work

What people are saying about our workshops …

“Cheryl delivered an outstanding class for RADA SHORT COURSES, generating enthusiasm and engagement among a diverse group of students of varying ages, nationalities and degrees of experience, most of whom had no idea about Commedia until that day, but who came away enriched and enthused by her robust and full-blooded approach”
Geoff Bullen, Director of Short Courses, RADA
“It has been a privilege to work with such a dynamic and engaging practitioner. Cheryl’s skill and passion shone through in every aspect of the workshop – she was captivating.”
H. Baker, Perins School
“They were fully engaged and enjoyed the workshop and performance immensely… a really excellent workshop.  There was the perfect balance between watching and learning, and letting them get involved.  It was also great that you all seemed to have such good control of a large number of children, as sometimes this can be an issue with visiting theatre companies who supply workshops.”
A. Standen McDougal, Beaudesert Park School
“Excellent – a thorough, enjoyable and fast paced workshop which was enjoyed by all and challenged pupils throughout”
A. Berry, Darrick Wood School
“I have never (truly) seen such a positive response from across a whole year group – all of the groups came back buzzing about the workshop and how good Cheryl was”
L. Pugsley, Head of Lower School, Haileybury
“Heartfelt thanks for an absolutely inspiring and energising workshop … We all learned so much!”
Clara Marullo, The Actor’s Workshop
“Brilliant day, lovely atmosphere and wonderful connection with the students.  Made my job heaps easier!”
L. Jones, Melksham Oak Community School
“Absolutely fantastic experience – excellent planning, outstanding delivery, energetic, approachable and well worth the money.”
L. Cox, Darrick Wood School
“Excellent workshops provided for students. Actively exciting for our students and all have taken something to help them further throughout their studies. Students are able to refer to stock characters with ease and are showing meaningful understanding of their character traits.”
Damian Warren, Burford School
“An excellent workshop for introducing students to commedia dell’arte.”
H. Foy, Saffron Walden County School
“Sitting back and watching your class is really quite amazing as you can see their progress so intensely as they work with Cheryl. We have all loved working with you Cheryl, you have really pushed the students and they are all the better for it.” 
M. Johnson, Rednock School
“Cheryl delivered ‘outstanding’ level workshops.  It is clear she is very passionate about Commedia and she teaches with energy and the highest expectations for all involved.  Cheryl has an excellent grasp of Commedia and elegantly supported the lower ability whilst also stretching and highlighting work from the Gifted and Talented students.  She quickly gained a rapport with the students here and teaches in a very clear, precise and engaging way.  My students learnt loads and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. For me as a drama teacher for 12 years, it was great to learn from a true specialist in the field, it was a wonderful workshop for my students and great CPD for my teaching practice. I highly recommend Cheryl’s Commedia workshops”
B. Howells, The Crypt School
“It was fantastic for the girls to have the opportunity to work with such a good selection of masks and your demonstrations of how to interpret the different characters were highly effective. The highlighting of links between traditional Commedia characters and ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ and modern situation comedy were particularly helpful.  It was useful for the girls to see how quickly pieces of drama could be created using the characters and a simple focus like the suitcase.”
S. Perren, Bedford Girls School
“Cheryl’s truly specialist knowledge and infectious teaching was a delight to experience and I cannot recommend her workshops enough. We will definitely be inviting her back”
 D. Price, Loreto Sixth Form College
“The drama presentation that Cheryl brought to the school had all the ingredients to keep our KS2 pupils engaged: historical accuracy, humour, audience participation, bright and colourful costumes and scenery. It complemented our curriculum and led to some great discussions back in school, which in turn enriched the writing the children produced: A thoroughly worthwhile afternoon.” 
J. Burr, North Cerney Primary School
“Cheryl constantly amazed me by how accomplished she was at her art. Her enthusiasm, dedication and encouragement are second to none. You will not find a teacher with a better direction, imagination and willingness to train aspiring performers than Cheryl.” 
J. Watts, student at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
“The experience was fantastic! As drama students we are constantly tested and pushed out of our comfort zone. However, I don’t believe that the entire class has been pushed out at the same time like we were in this Commedia workshop!”
Yr 10 student, Woodroffe School, Dorset
“The workshop was such great fun and I feel able to transfer the skills I’ve learnt to my performance assessments and to my role of Clarice in the college play”
A2 Drama and BTEC Performing Arts student, Loreto College
“Cheryl is passionate about her work and her enthusiastic teaching style helped me to truly understand Commedia Dell’Arte. She taught me skills in physical and masked theatre that I will continue to use for years to come.” 
A. Newport, student at Fourth Monkey
“Really invigorating and exciting, even cathartic” 
Workshop participant, The Comedy Double Act
“Fun, good value, well taught, excellent positive feedback given to participants” 
Workshop participant, The Art of Comedy
“Cheryl taught me more about physical theatre and comedy in a single year than any of the mask makers, teachers and highly regarded practitioners had done in three. I still use the techniques she taught me. I would work with her again and again and again.” 
J. Moore, student at Bristol University
“A great fun workshop that took me out of my comfort zone”
A Level Year 12 student, Darrick Wood School
“The physicality that goes with each character really helps with understanding the characters in ‘A Servant of Two Masters'”
A Level Year 12 student, Darrick Wood School