New show in the pipeline

My goodness it has been a hectic term. I have been in Henley, London, Warwickshire, Devon, Manchester, Birmingham and Gloucestershire delivering workshops at universities, schools, colleges and of course, two intensive full day masterclasses at The Actors’ Workshop in Bristol, plus I am delighted to also be teaching at Circomedia in Bristol now. Phew! I have to say, I am glad of a Christmas break, but loving the contact with such a variety of students.

I have been testing the water with samples of a new show that is in the offing, in its trial format as a one woman commedia troupe (!) and the feedback so far is very positive.

I am keen to incorporate a performance presentation element (ideally with two performers) into future commedia dell’ arte workshops as I find it helps participants enormously to be able to see the required energy, style and pace of commedia in action; it propels participants of a workshop to a far stronger starting position once they have this knowledge.

“We got to learn how a real practitioner worked in commedia and seeing it performed in front of me was way more understandable than just reading about it academically”

(UCL SELCS student)

“There is really no substitute when teaching commedia dell’arte to seeing it enacted live.”

Dr L. Sampson (Reader in Early Modern Italian Studies, UCL Italian Department)

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