Past Productions

‘Trouble Inn Paradise’
2016-17 Touring Production

“… effortlessly moved from one character to another and between genders… Scenes with the head chef Brighella and new waiter Arlecchino, and his pet rat, were hilarious, as was the Doctor’s attempts to remove the sword from the Restaurant Inspector’s chest.”

(Gloucestershire Echo)

Feedback from schools:

“Very appropriate content … helped students to understand and develop the precision of their characterisation”

(St John School, Leatherhead, performance and workshop for Upper and Lower Sixth)

“Brilliant day, lovely atmosphere and wonderful connection with the students. Made my job heaps easier!”

(Melksham Oak Community School, performance and workshop for yr 9 and yr 12)

“They were fully engaged and enjoyed the workshop and performance immensely… really excellent. The perfect balance between watching and learning. It was also great that you all seemed to have such good control of a large number of children”

(Beaudesert Park School, performance and workshop for yr 7)

Our first production as a company was launched in 2016: ‘Trouble Inn Paradise’, devised and performed in a traditional Commedia dell’Arte style, featuring the stock characters and including many well known lazzi and slapstick routines. The play was accompanied by a practical performance workshop, tailored to the needs and ages of the participants with our aim being to provide a fun, inclusive and challenging experience

A story of love, deception and vermin, this zany, fast-paced farce is packed with slapstick laughs and larger-than-life characters from the Commedia dell’Arte tradition.  This Renaissance theatre style emerged in Italy, in the 16th century and is the origin of pantomime, silent movies, cartoons and timeless sitcoms.

Silvio and Isabella long to be wed but Isabella’s father has arranged for her to marry someone else. In despair, the heartbroken dreamers decide to run away together and what better place to start this secret adventure than somewhere that no one else goes. Contrary to what the name suggests, The Inn Paradise is dilapidated, the food is terrible, there are rats running riot and no one wants to visit.  The perfect spot… or is it?  The hopeless romantics arrive to find an incompetent Capitano Noasenso in charge, a clueless new waiter on front of house and, to make matters worse, a restaurant inspector suddenly arrives … all is not what it seems.

“… a gobsmackingly fun performance for all ages …(Young Promoters, AirInG)

Performed by Cheryl Parmenter, Mark Reid and Alex Newport.

A Servant of Two Masters was the inspiration for many scenes of the play making this package an ideal curriculum support for introducing devising and A Level set texts: A Servant of Two Masters as well as the comedies of Moliere and Shakespeare.

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Photos copyrighted to Domonic White, Suscito Films

View a snippet:

We worked with Suscito Films to explore 360 degree filming which has been great fun! Here’s a snippet of the characters in action – we recommend you view this on a tablet or smartphone and move it around to see all 360 degrees! You can use a mouse to scroll around on a laptop/PC but the best effect is achieved with a mobile device: