Current Production

The Breath of True Love.

A performance and workshop for schools and colleges.

Love, Loot and Life-giving elixir!

200 years ahead of his time, Doctor Leghlimbo is attempting to raise the dead.  Meanwhile, Pantalone is scheming to get rich in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Outraged, Isabella plans to elope with her true love. But will the arrival of the amorous Capitano Muchodinero thwart her plans or will the Captain end up on the slab as the Doctor’s next victim?

An immersive Commedia dell’Arte experience to engage your students in one of the most influential styles of theatre. This 16th century performance form has given us farce, slapstick, pantomime, the great silent comedians and sitcom, not to mention the familiar comic character types: the foolish servant, the greedy old master, the cowardly boaster, the pompous pedant, the heartbroken romantic.

Learning Through Theatre have produced a half hour, professional performance, devised as a springboard into an exhilarating participatory workshop that enables students of all ages and abilities to rapidly acquire mask performance skills.

Through a lively performance, we transport your students back to Renaissance Italy to meet an authentic troupe of players and experience how the masked characters moved, behaved and interacted in a short traditional style scenario. This will equip students with a foundation understanding of commedia dell’arte, preparing them to launch into a two hour workshop where they will experience performing in the masks, learning how to characterise, bring the masks to life and recreate comic physical gags, known as lazzi, under the expert tutelage of our performer-coaches.

Inspired by Laurel and Hardy and Goldoni’s play A Servant of Two Masters, this package is an ideal curriculum support for introducing devising and for A Level set text studies: A Servant of Two Masters, Accidental Death of An Anarchist, Twelfth Night,  as well as the comedies of Moliere and Shakespeare.


Cheryl Stapleton, John Broadbent, Mark Reid

Reviews from past shows

“Very appropriate content. Helped students to understand and develop the precision of their characterisation”

(St John School, Leatherhead, performance and workshop for Upper and Lower Sixth)

“Brilliant day, lovely atmosphere and wonderful connection with the students. Made my job heaps easier!”

(Melksham Oak Community School, performance and workshop for yr 9 and yr 12)

“They were fully engaged and enjoyed the workshop and performance immensely… really excellent. The perfect balance between watching and learning. It was also great that you all seemed to have such good control of a large number of children”

(Beaudesert Park School, performance and workshop for yr 7)

Production requirements

We work with a portable back drop and prefer to perform on the floor rather than a raised stage so that we can have close interaction with the audience. We require a space that is a minimum of 4 metres x 4 metres. We usually work without lighting (though a generic cover would be beneficial) and our sound is performed live. We do not tour with a technician.


We work with only two to three performer-coaches meaning we can keep our costs down. We work flexibly to our meet our clients needs. The duration of the mask skills workshop that follows the performance can be increased or decreased. Contact Cheryl to discuss your school or colleges requirements and she will be able to provide you with a tailored quote.


We are taking bookings now for 2019-2020 academic year.

Contact Cheryl today:      07932 067585